Shame on you Alabama!

Whether you are pro-choice or pro-life, what Alabama has signed into law should upset you. Anyone who reads my blog with some regularity knows I am adamantly pro-choice. Nothing anyone says will change my belief that the government has no business regulating my reproductive rights. That being said, I can respect someone else feeling differently, … Continue reading Shame on you Alabama!


I Do Not Understand…

DISCLAIMER: Before you read any further, this is my opinion. Yes, I feel passionately about these subjects. If you plan to "set me straight", please don't comment. I will delete the comment. You will not change my mind. Thank you! I am having a very difficult time understanding the logic of apparently a larger segment … Continue reading I Do Not Understand…

Successful Relationships

I repeatedly see posts asking "what are the secrets to a successful relationship/marriage" on social media and as articles. I can tell you without writing a long blog about it. #1 COMMUNICATION - If you do not communicate your wants/needs/feelings in words to your partner/friend/colleague, they won't know them. If you want them to spend … Continue reading Successful Relationships

How to Survive the 2020 Election

Already the 2020 election has more candidates than grass at a golf course. Social media is a complete mash of slings and barbs being thrown out all over the place. People are viciously attacking each other and the candidates. Two things are evident: 1) this country is horribly divided beyond just republican vs democrat; and … Continue reading How to Survive the 2020 Election