Social Media and Politics

Do you remember growing up and being told there were certain things you didn't discuss in public - religion, politics and sex? Have you noticed that of those 3 things, the one thing that truly became taboo in our adulthood is politics? With this past presidential election it seems that all subjects are on the … Continue reading Social Media and Politics



Tonight I participated in a sign making party for the Women's March on Delaware. This is one of the sister marches to the Women's March on Washington being held on Saturday, January 21. It was so inspiring to be among a group of women all dedicated to promoting/fighting for women's rights, human rights, affordable healthcare, … Continue reading #WhyIMarch

Preparation pt. 2

With the inauguration just a day and a half away, I’ve taken extra steps of precaution to be of service to people anyway that I can. Much of this has to do with the event of another terror th… Source: Preparation pt. 2