Yes, I’m One Who Marched

On January 21, 2017 658 marches were held around the world. All under the umbrella of Women’s March on (fill in the blank). For a number of those attending it was a protest against the incoming administration. That is NOT the case for me. I believe in marching FOR the causes I care about. I marched for women’s rights, equality for all, LGBTQ rights, unity and reproductive rights. I marched in my small state of Delaware. It was only expected to be maybe 200 people. There were over 1,000 who marched on a chilly, rainy January morning in Newark, DE. I was joined in solidarity with our oldest daughter, a girlfriend of mine, our daughter’s boyfriend and one of their good friends. I met up with/ran into other friends of mine at the march. In spite of my pain physical limitations I made it through the entire walk (2.5 miles) in the misty, chilly rain. It was positive. It was uplifting. It was powerful.

Then the march ended and soon after the negativity started. Yes, I went on Facebook. I was accosted by so much mean spirited, negative, hate speak by people’s post from both sides that I felt my elation from participating in a beautiful show of patriotism and solidarity get punched in the gut. I went from smiling, happy and feeling optimistic to frowning, sad and feeling like our country may never be truly united again.How incredibly depressing is that?

I was saddened to see those who marched across the country posting pettiness regarding comparisons of crowd sizes. I was disheartened to see mean posts regarding the 10 year old son of the President of the United States. I was angry to see so much hatred towards our fellow Americans being spewed by most of my friends (both sides) to the point that I said I had enough.

Some will say – if you’re so offended or upset then just stay off Facebook. Why should I? Why can’t people just STOP BEING MEAN? I enjoy the cute animal posts, the funny life stories shared, the pictures of friends’ children (furry and human), the posts regarding theatre, the posts regarding anything not mean. Information and news is good. I’ll admit I’ve shared a number of controversial posts. I try never to be mean though.

So where am I going with all of this? I’m circling back…back to the march. I’m circling back to that optimistic, wonderful feeling I had after participating in the Women’s March on Delaware. Be optimistic. Be happy. Be strong. Love Not Hate Makes America Great.


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