Prioritization in Activism/Advocacy

Today there are many things we all want to advocate for or against. With the new administration moving forward with the campaign promises like a bull in a china shop, people’s passions are at an all time high, no matter their declared allegiance. The number of causes/issues to want to sign up to show your support can be staggering.

So, how does one prioritize to ensure your advocacy/activism is the most effective and doesn’t burn you out?

First write down all of the issues and causes that you are interested in advocating. You don’t need to put them in any particular order at this time, just get them down either on paper or on your computer.

Second, review the list and remove anything that you do not have a strong passionate feeling about. Do this with a discerning eye and be honest with yourself. No one is grading you or judging you about it. Ask yourself if your passion is because it really means something to you or because it’s trendy? Yes we all get sucked into the trendy issues and causes but because they’re fickle, don’t have that influence you.

Third, look at how many issues and/or causes do you have left on your list? If you have 5 or less – your good. If you have 6 – 10, you may want to re-evaluate the list. If you have more than 10 – you really need to cut it down because even if you are not working a full time job, this is way more than any one person can handle.

Fourth, now that your list is down to a manageable size, go back over the list with the thought of which one jumps out at you first? That’s your number 1 priority. Continue to review the list with this same approach until you have them listed in order. There is your prioritized list.

Someone reading this is going to say, “but what about when an executive order or some vote is coming up in Congress or Senate about an issue/cause I didn’t know was in jeopardy?” That’s called re-prioritizing. Things change everyday in our world and we must be flexible enough to adjust our priorities as necessary.

Nothing I’ve suggested here is any different than any of us do on a daily basis either at home or work. Most people just don’t think about doing it in relation to advocacy and activism.

Remember the most important thing is to do not allow yourself to get burned out too fast. A lot of us have stepped up our game recently regarding advocacy of causes/issues we care about. There are a lot of groups and organizations asking for a lot of our time and money. Be selective. Don’t feel like you must give your time and money to every one of them. Again, use the same steps to prioritize.

Now go out there and help better our world!



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