My Favorite Authors

I have a few favorite authors, and a number I like and will read regularly. I designate one as a favorite if I tend to enjoy their books over and over, I look forward to each new publication, and I own a number of their books.

One of my all time favorite authors is Nora Roberts. I in particular enjoy her series – trilogies, quartets, etc. I like her development of each character – showing different facets of them to a reader. I enjoy the paranormal aspects she brings to a number of her books – making them part fantasy to encourage a fun journey in my mind.


Nora Roberts recently completed a trilogy called The Guardians Trilogy. The first book, Stars of FortuneĀ introduces the legend/quest, the cast of characters – including a mermaid, an immortal, a time traveler, a wizard, a lycan and a seer, and the romantic pairing for this one. The second book, Bay of Sighs, continues the quest and the development of the unusual characters and offers up the next romantic pairing. The third book, Island of Glass, concludes the quest, has the third couple find love together and we find out how things wrap up for the other characters.

This formula is one that Ms. Roberts uses in most of her series, with different characters, quests or objectives, and pairings. It’s a successful formula and one I enjoy reading. Some may critique that it is a re-used formula, but given that she intersperses other novels into her repertoire that do not fit a definitive formula, I don’t see an issue with it.

Another favorite author is Heather Graham. She does primarily paranormal mysteries with a romance aspect to them. She has a series called Krewe of Hunters that will incorporate some of the same characters but mostly it is the name of the special FBI group – Krewe of Hunters – that is the tie between the books. Ms. Graham’s books tend to show a grittier side of life at times which keeps the books interesting and compelling. I also happen to like the way the romance aspect gets mixed in, but I’m a romantic.

Another favorite is Sherryl Woods. Her books are simply a joy to read. Contemporary romances that are sweet, non abrasive, with a hint of Mayberry and old fashioned/traditional values. The women portrayed are not some throwback to the 1950’s. They are strong, independent women. The type of women you want to be friends with and have in your life. The men are good guys (in general) but are not the focus. Relationships and family are the focus. Ms. Woods books can make a bleak world sunny.

I enjoy any number of other authors – male ones too – but these 3 authors are my “go-to” ones.

Who are your favorites? What genre do you prefer?



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