The Militants

As basically anyone who knows me knows I am not a fan of the current administration in power in the US. Most people know that I am active in working for improvement in the state I live in – Delaware. I will work on political campaigns for candidates will best serve our state, I  will share information about national issues that concern me and I will do what I can to support organizations I care about.

That being said, I am not what I consider militant about any of it. How do I define militant? Someone who will not just be in your face about the issues, but are rude and unbending in their views. The militants will stand for something no matter how it may affect thousands in the negative because they feel their way is the only way.

I’ve seen it on both sides of the political fence. But honestly what kills me is when I see perfectly nice people get this way. Yes, there is so much outrage about what the current administration is doing that people are freaking out. Much for good reason. It’s the way some are handling this outrage that I object to.

One of the biggest arguments those who are called snowflakes or such have is that people blindly are following our President. Well, wake up and smell the coffee, some of you are doing the same thing with national organizations even though it can negatively affect many. But God forbid should anyone try to tell you that.

This is the problem. The extremists are the problem. The militants – whether leaning far right or far left are an issue. This country cannot survive living in an extremist state. If you are unwilling to understand that very fact, then you are part of the problem.

For me, I am re-evaluating who I align myself with and who I will support due to the militant attitudes I am coming across daily. I am a middle of the road person who reacts very poorly when confronted by a militant person.

When someone becomes militant they are in fact alienating many people who may agree with a lot of what they are fighting for in our country. But their abrasive and unyielding stance is the alienating factor. Nobody likes to have somebody forcefully shove their views non-stop down their throats, even when you agree with the view. It’s not just uncomfortable, it’s rude and uncalled for.

Now some who read this may feel that everyone has a right to be heard and they will not be silenced. I don’t disagree with that at all. It’s a question of how you choose to share your views. It’s a question of are you being rude and unabashedly aggressive or are you voicing your concerns and outrage in a constructive manner that may, just may allow people to actually hear you instead of wince and shy away from you?

Our nation, despite the issues we have going on (and most of these have been issues for my entire life), is a great nation. We have many freedoms that so many in this world do not have. We have free speech, the right to protest/demonstrate, the right to vote for who we believe will serve us best. No we don’t always get our way, but then again if our chosen candidate didn’t get elected, we need to figure out why. Blankly saying it’s because all who voted for the other candidate are ___________ is not only a cop-out its wrong.

Again, I am sure my views here will be scorned and I will be given my walking papers from some groups and individuals. But we need to stop being extremists and start listening and hearing each other to come to a middle ground. The only way this nation will be great again is if our next leader is a middle of the road politician who doesn’t cater to any extremist group.


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