New Chapters

When one reads a book, the beginning of a new chapter is something designating a new scene or viewpoint. In life, when one refers to a new chapter, it’s typically the start of some new thing such as a job, living situation, relationship, etc.

For me, I have had a few life changes that would be a reason to refer to this time in my life as a new chapter. In November we found a new home. This month, I have started a new job. Two major life changes that signify a new beginning.

A new chapter in life is like having a clean slate. This concept has been sitting on my mind a lot lately. What does the idea of a “clean slate” mean? Does it mean everything else that was going on in your life and around you suddenly change too? No, of course not. Aspects – most of them in reality – of our lives don’t change when a new chapter in our life begins. Just like in a novel, the story lines are continuing, there’s simply a new twist/turn/aspect thrown into the mix.

For me, this new chapter of my life is a positive one. But last year, when we became homeless, that chapter was not so great. At times it downright sucked. There were positive parts – amazing support from friends and family, strangers being kind and helpful, a weeding out of those who weren’t so supportive and caring.

The hope that comes when a new chapter in our lives occurs is what keeps us going, no matter the tone of that chapter. Hope is what gives us all a coping mechanism when life takes a hard turn. Hope is what keeps us up when life is on the upswing. Hope is likely what helped turn your life to the positive.

There are a number of people who are scared to have hope. But somehow, we all seek hope out. We look for something to hold onto that will propel us forward. To keep some light peeking through the dark times. Hope provides the handle and the flashlight.

Hope is the constant in the book of life. It is the catalyst of many new chapters within that book. It is what keeps us writing our book of life when the chapters are bleak. Hope is our savior.

Find the hope in each new chapter of your life.


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