Living a Busy Life

Those of us who are busy people don’t realize how busy we are until we think about it – which we don’t very often. Busy people just do. We don’t think about it, we just do what we obligated ourselves to do. Those who are not busy people cannot imagine how we do all that we do. (That’s a lot of do’s!)

I call my activities obligations because I committed to them, not because I don’t thoroughly enjoy doing these things. The word obligation has such a negative connotation, such as I’m obligated to clean my house, instead of the reality that it is something you said you would do and therefore you do it. I digress.

I’ll give you a sample list of my commitments: going to work full-time (yay – love this job!), on the board of directors for our theater (actually the executive committee so more of a time commitment), one of the actors in an upcoming production, helping out with whatever I can on the current production, my activism, taking care of the house, taking care of my husband (he’s disabled so I have a bit more than others to do), and squeezing in time for friends and family. Doesn’t seem like an unmanageable amount and it isn’t.

A snapshot of a regular week:

  • Sunday – housework, theater stuff (rehearsals/meetings/or both), activism meetings
  • Monday – work during day, rehearsals or meetings at night possibly or I may have a night home, run errands, activism work
  • Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday – work during day; rehearsals or meetings or working on theater things from home, run errands, activism work
  • Friday – work during day, possibly go out with friends, run errands
  • Saturday – housework, theater stuff, errands, possible visit with friends/family

You get the picture…

I am not complaining about my life at all. I love what I’m doing and with whom I do these things. I enjoy being busy most of the time. Of course we all need down time to recharge our batteries. When I’m in that mode I either watch TV/movies or read.

Speaking of reading, I actually read almost every night before bed. It relaxes my mind so it’s not racing from the day’s activities. I focus so clearly on what I am reading that everything else falls away.

Reading isn’t the only thing that helps keep my mind at ease. Blogging is a great way for me to get my focus for the day. I tend to write my blogs early in the day when my mind is gearing up for the day’s activities. I love to write and it gives me a pleasant way to start my day.

So, as I gear up for today’s 8 hours of theater obligations, I sit here and write about my busy life. I feel blessed for having the ability to not only write about it, but to live it.

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Balls in the air 2
Photo by AlamarPhotography on Getty Images

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