Oh My! I’m going to be a Grandmother!

Today my stepson’s fiance publicly announced that they’re expecting a bundle of joy in August. I’m going to be a grandmother at the age of 48. Holy cow!

Needless to say the first thing one does when we get this news is start looking at baby items online to buy. The other thing we do is figure out what we want the little one to call us. Grandma, Grandpa, MomMom, PopPop, Grammy, Grampy, etc. Then you have the more interesting names such as Glamma (popular with the reality TV set) and Goddess (one that is used by some celebrities).

I knew I didn’t want to be called MomMom or Grandma or Grammy. My husband knew right away he wanted to be called Pop. Not PopPop, just Pop. Okay, but what do I want to be called by my grandchildren? Enter Google search for grandparent names.

I checked out the traditional, the hipster (shudder), the non-traditional grandparent names. One name that stood out to me was under “traditional” for grandmothers – Nini. Interestingly, this is what I was called as a young child by family. How perfect is that?

So, Nini it will be. I can relate to it. I am comfortable with it. And I won’t sound old being called it. Also, it will be easy for the baby to say as he/she learns to talk.

Nini and Pop. I like it.Now the baby just has to arrive!


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