Prioritizing what is important in life is something we all do, either consciously or not. We do it in everyday decisions that reflect our priorities. Do we do what we promise we will? Do we check in with our family and friends? Do we do something for others? Do we focus on ourselves? How we respond to these questions gives us an idea of what our priorities in life may be. Of course, this is a quick list of questions that do not cover all things people may prioritize in their lives.

priorities-quote-about-family-2-picture-quote-1I was taught at a young age to know my priorities. Number 1 priority is family. My father, especially, repeated that to my brother and I our entire lives. He and my mother live(d) it and my childhood and through adulthood, it has been evident. My parents have always been there for us and for our extended family. I’ve not taken it for granted.

Priorities in OrderA common situation in which prioritization takes precedence is at work. We prioritize what needs to be done first versus what can wait a bit to be done. We prioritize who we respond tAs I said previously, what your priorities are says something about who you are and what is important to you. For almost everyone I know, their family and friends top that list of priorities. Typically, the second highest priority is our careers or supporting our families. Next may be taking care of others. Some would argue that we should prioritize ourselves over everything else. And that’s okay too, as long as you remember that without family and friends, who will be there to cheer you on through the good times and the bad?o first and who can wait for a response. We prioritize our goals at work.

get priorities straightPriorities also come into play with political agendas. Take what is going on currently. Our president has prioritized building a wall over meals on wheels for the elderly and poor. He has prioritized this wall over social security, which takes care of the elderly and disabled. He has prioritized “getting rid of those not like us” that is reminiscent of another dictator over the National Endowment for the Arts. In my opinion, the president’s priorities are not in the right order. But some may feel that taking care of our elderly, our disabled, our poor and the arts are a lower priority than building a wall to “keep out the criminals.” I hope those same people re-examine their priorities as one day they will be elderly, they may end up poor, and they could possibly become disabled. And one day they may wonder why there’s no longer a wonderful show called Sesame Street for their grandchildren to watch.

A government’s main priorities should be its family. A government’s family includes ALL of its constituents. Those people include the elderly, the disabled and the poor. When a government stops prioritizing the people it serves, it loses its focus. And as they said in Monuments Men, what are they fighting for if everything we create is gone? (I’m paraphrasing.)

The National Endowment for the Arts ensures that we have shows like Sesame Street. It provides funding for the plays our children have at school. It provides funding for community theaters. It provides funding for art schools to exist. These art schools are where people hone their artistic talent that entertains us and enriches our world. The National Endowment for the Arts provides scholarships for students. The NEA provides funding in so many aspects of our country’s daily life it would be an almost endless list.

new prioritiesSo, thanks to our president and his cronies, my priorities are shifting a bit. A new priority is to help fight their agenda tooth and nail. They will not take away from the poor, the elderly, the disabled. They will not take away the arts from my country. They will not make this a militarized zone where no one can think for themselves. They will not take away what makes this nation so great.

Make it a priority to do something positive for those who are being tossed aside. Donate your money, your time, and/or your talents to organizations that help those people our leaders want to throw away. Support your extended family – your fellow citizens. Support the arts in your community. Prove to our leaders that making these things a priority will not take away from anything, but it will make us better for doing so.








Musings and Observations

I’ve been taking a bit of a back seat lately regarding my activism and social media. It’s even been a while since I have posted a blog. Theatre business and rehearsals, work and errands have kept me too busy to focus on other things. Or so you would imagine.

Lately, I’ve been taking on an observer stance on a number of fronts. I will share some of my observations here, and some I will keep to myself.

  1. I honestly believe that the current administration is a bad reality TV show and we’re the unwilling/unwitting participants. I say this first and foremost due to what is going on with the EPA funding and the administration’s stance that climate change is not a reality. It’s 60°F outside – in early March – at 9:39 pm – in Delaware. It was around 70°F earlier today. Tomorrow it is forecasted to snow. That is not what the climate was like 10 years ago, never mind 20+ years ago. Climate change is SCIENTIFIC FACT that has been accepted worldwide. It is not some liberal conspiracy.
  2. I have noticed that people are more blatantly supporting local candidates strictly on political party and/or gender.  It seems the concept of researching all candidates to see which one is truly wanting to improve the local issues, no matter what political party or even what gender they are, is becoming passé. I have a hard time supporting a candidate blindly and refuse to do so.
  3. Women who have been doing an incredible job promoting and fighting for women’s rights can be downright rude and mean to other women. I have personally experienced another woman trying to shame me because I went to work on March 8. Actually, I saw a lot of women shaming others if they didn’t participate in the Women’s Strike. That’s not how it’s supposed to work. Women need to stop knocking each other down and be truly supportive of one another. How can we ask to be treated as equals by men, when our own sisters don’t treat each other as equals? Empowering each other by building up and supporting each other is how we rise.
  4. When given the opportunity, people will step up, volunteer, and make a difference. I’m not talking only about social issues, but within the theatre world, at my job, and in other situations. People want to feel needed and useful. Some of the best volunteers are our senior community. They have tons of experience and wonderful ideas. In addition, they typically have more time if they are retired.
  5. I need to always remember to let people know that I appreciate their help, advice, support and kindness. It feels good to let them know they’re appreciated and it feels good to hear it.
  6. I really miss having my dogs living with us. We’re unable to have them here for a few reasons and my best friend and her family are caring for them until our living situation changes. As much as I am glad they are loved and well taken care of, I miss them terribly and want to have them living with us again. There’s nothing like snuggling up with my pups, being greeted by wiggling pups who act like you’re the best thing ever, getting dog hugs and just feeling the comfort of having my dogs nearby.
  7. Wilmington, Delaware is incredibly riddled with crime. The 12th homicide happened last night in the section I live. Luckily is was several blocks away. We just have drug dealers, prostitutes and other crimes being committed on my block. (One of the several reasons my dogs don’t live with us.) I know a lot of people that try to say it’s not that bad. Yes, yes it is. I have a panic button at my job – at a church. How sad is that?
  8. I love my theatre involvement. I adore my theatre family. I feel truly blessed having Reedy Point Players and all of the people I’ve met through my involvement with them in my life. It is a lot of work at times, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’m enjoying having the opportunity to be on stage in the upcoming production of Titanic: Tragedy & Trial. I’m excited for their upcoming Playwrighting Competition. And I’m looking forward to directing again in the fall.

So there are some of the observations and musings I’ve had lately. Take them for what they are – random thoughts. Now to go quiet my head listening to YouTube white noise video of an epic thunderstorm.