Bullying – Now A Prime Time Sport?



source: archbishopryanreview.com



A friend of mine recently posted a blog regarding the blatant bullying that has been on display in the reality show, Big Brother 19. I have posted commentary on Facebook regarding the bullying they’ve been showing and the complacency of the producers to allow such bullying. And though Big Brother 19 is the worst I’ve seen, bullying on reality shows isn’t anything new. Watch a Real Housewives season (any location) and I will put money on it that someone will act like a bully to someone else.

So why is it so much worse on Big Brother 19? I would say because it’s many people participating in the bullying or are encouraging the behavior. There are a few that are watching and doing nothing to stop it. The bullying is against two people who started out as the bullies in the house with their mean girl/boy attitudes. Now they’re the targets.

Some might say this is karma coming at them for their bad behavior at the beginning of the season. As bad as they were, they weren’t to this degree. Personally, if I was in that house, I would have gone to the producers and complained about it. But alas, that has not happened and the bullying continues.


source: Hulu.com (2006 season image)


As I said, bullying in reality TV is nothing new. It seems we tune in to watch people be awful to each other on reality shows. Who can forget the table flipping antics of Teresa Guidice on Real Housewives of New Jersey? My husband watched some of that particular show with me one afternoon (I’m sure he forever regrets it too). He couldn’t believe how petty, bitchy and just plain mean the women were to each other. Hubby accompanied me to meet one of the housewives and her husband later that day at a local store. He asked the TV husband how he puts up with it. The TV husband just shook his head and said he has no idea.

source: planetbuff.com

Then you have shows like Survivor who are a competition type but in extreme conditions. The bullying is not as obvious as in Big Brother, but it still exists. People create alliances and alienate and harass those who aren’t as strong/capable. It’s a jungle out there according to the players.

So are reality shows just a microscope on humanity? There’s good and there’s bad in life and when it’s put under a lens does it intensify? Is bullying an acceptable norm in the world? Our country elected one of the biggest reality TV bullies to be President. What does that say about us?



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