What Makes Life Worth Living?

The title may sound overly dramatic, but this topic recently popped up on my Facebook feed and I thought it was worth thinking about for me. So I’ve come up with a working list of things that keep me going when life is difficult to handle – in no particular order. (Disclaimer – this is not a complete list – it’s a “working list” as it will always change and grow.)

  • My family – all of them, even the ones I don’t speak to hardly ever – we’re the functional dysfunctional family and I love them all.
  • My dogs – they make the sun shine on the cloudiest of days.
  • My friends – the ones who have been by my side in good times and bad – you are golden.
  • Books – after the first three, this may sound odd, but if you know me you know they mean so very much. They’ve helped me combat depression and loneliness.
  • Theater – where else can you be a complete drama queen and no one bats an eye?!?
  • My job – this job is the best one I have ever had – low stress (overall), wonderful boss/colleagues, and a beautiful environment. Who can ask for anything more?
  • Working out – I’m so glad I’m back at the gym regularly!
  • Good food – again, anyone who knows me know this is important to me!
  • Flowers – happiness in a plant!
  • Music – it’s the soundtrack of my life.
  • Game night – a fun time to have with family and friends!
  • Cards Against Humanity – this game has made me laugh more than any other!
  • Learning – I enjoy learning new things – which happens every day.
  • My health – it’s getting better, which is wonderful!
  • Memories – good and not so good – they remind me of lessons learned and the good things that I’ve had in my life.
  • Our new car – Oh how I’ve been wanting you for quite a while!
  • Rubber Ducks – they just make me smile!
  • Rainy days – the type of day that makes you want to snuggle in with a good book.
  • Snow – I know it’s not popular with many, but I love the first snowfall and seeing a blanket of fluffy white covering everything.
  • Fire – as in a fire in a fire pit or fireplace. Again – comforting.
  • Grilled cheese – one of the best comfort foods ever.
  • Potatoes – most versatile produce in the world. I could eat it with every meal and be happy.
  • Sunshine – nothing like a sunny day to brighten my mood.
  • The Beach – I love almost everything about it.
  • Technology – it makes life better.

Okay, that’s it for today. I could go on forever but then I wouldn’t get anything else done!

What are some of yours?


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