Christmas Past, Present, and Future

It is 15 days before Christmas and all through the house...yeah aside from my Christmas themed table cloth and a Christmassy birdfeeder decoration, my house is one big BAH HUMBUG! The Christmas trees pictured above are trees from some Christmases past - 2009, 2011, 2012, and 2013. Since 2013 we haven't really had much in … Continue reading Christmas Past, Present, and Future


City Living Is Not All It’s Supposed to Be

I live in the city of Wilmington. That's probably where things went wrong right from the get-go. I will admit that some of the outskirts of Wilmington are nice, but within the city limits is another thing. Let's start with the violence: Incidents by year (Latest incident: Jul. 30, 2017) Annual Total  Year-to-date (Jan. 01 - … Continue reading City Living Is Not All It’s Supposed to Be